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CCJam 69 – Teresa

In episode 69 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Teresa. Very little information seems to be available about this talented lady. I have discovered the majority of her music on Jamendo, she appears in a few YouTube videos but little more than that. The links I have are:

Singer Teresa lying back and gazing upwards.

CCJam 68 – Craig McMorrow

In this episode of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Irish singer-songwriter Craig McMorrow. You can find Craig’s music available in a variety of places on the web:

The cover of Craig Morrow's single Time. Showing Craig wearing a black cap and looking at the camera

Craig also has pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


CCJam 67 – Filthy Kicks

In episode 67 of CCJam, Dave features the music of the UK band Filthy Kicks.

Filthy Kicks is a band with very little social media exposure, so I have to classify them as drum’n’bass with elements of classical and opera music.

You can download Filthy Kicks’ music from Jamendo, and
You can also find out about Violeta Vicci – their violinist – at

The tracks included on this episode are: