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The aim of CCJam is to promote independent artists/bands, but the major difference with this project is that it is to be community run, this is not simply another podcast featuring Kevie.  Each episode is made up of two music tracks with the talk being submitted by individual show hosts.  The talk doesn’t have to be too lengthy, just introduce yourself and the band, then where the listeners can go to listen to more tracks or to find out some further information.  Your welcome to talk about anything else in the show, it’s up to you.

In order to make this as easy as possible for everybody, I have broken it down into three steps:

1.  Find a band that you wish to promote.*

2. Record your talk about the artist (no need for anything fancy, this may even be on your smartphone)

3. Email me the file along with the links for the tracks

That’s it!!! I’ll do the rest. The show will be released on the CCJam website and it will be added to the subscribers feed automatically.  In order to make the show accessible to as wide a range as possible it is available in both Ogg and MP3 format.

*If the band releases their music under a copyright license then please have a band member email me with permission that CCJam is allowed to play their music.