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CCJam 66 – ElisaDay


In episode 66 of CCJam, Yannick showcases two fabulous tracks from ElisaDay, a symphonic rock band from Russia.

You can find ElisaDay’s profile on Jamendo, and also on Bandcamp.

Tracks played in this episode:


Author: Yannick Mauray

Yannick is our french resident. He lives in Switzerland, which makes him the official "French Guy from Switzerland". He started his show Euterpia Radio back in 2009. In 2010 he "forked" his show to create Euterpia Radio Rock. Since then he's been involved with podcasting in one way or another, either as a host for his own or for other shows, as a jingle producer, as a music scout, etc... "In real life", Yannick is a software architect, an open source developer, and a linux lover.

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