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CCJam 67 – Filthy Kicks

In episode 67 of CCJam, Dave features the music of the UK band Filthy Kicks.

Filthy Kicks is a band with very little social media exposure, so I have to classify them as drum’n’bass with elements of classical and opera music.

You can download Filthy Kicks’ music from Jamendo, and
You can also find out about Violeta Vicci – their violinist – at

The tracks included on this episode are:


Author: Dave Lee

Dave has been in the audio industry in many forms for many years having been involved in the production of shows for hospital radio. His father also ran a famous audio/visual studio in Woking, Surrey for a number of years, so the industry is very much in Dave’s veins. He started The Bugcast, initially on his own, in March 2008 to prove that he could do it after being inspired by a couple of friends who were also podcasting at the time. He is now involved with a number of other podcasts in the music and technical arenas, and is also testing the waters as a voice artist. When Dave isn’t podcasting, he’s a musician and web developer as well as being employed full-time as a database administrator and developer.

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