CCJam 48 – Boogie Belgique

In episode 48 of CCJam, Dave brings you the music of Boogie Belgique, a Belgian band with a sound that can best be described as a fusion of old and new, vintage yet innovative.

You can find the music of Boogie Belgique over at Bandcamp, Google Play, Amazon, and pretty much anywhere else you can buy and download music.

The tracks included on this episode are:

CCJam 47 – Neon Sun

Following an extended holiday, Kevie returns to the show to bring the rocking delights of Lisbon based band Neon Sun to the CCJam listeners. They have a web presence on Jamendo, Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.  Sadly, at this present time, there does not seem to be a way to support them financially, as their downloads on Bandcamp are free and a search on itunes proved fruitless.

Edit: upon further searching their music can be purchased on Amazon.

The tracks included on this show are: