CCJam 50 – Michael Ellis

In episode 50 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to German singer songwriter Michael Ellis.  Having spent most of his days with a love of music he has recorded a host of albums which are available from his own website. His music is also available from Jamendo, Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube,, Myownmusic and itunes, he is also active on both Facebook and Twitter.  The tracks included on this episode are:

CCJam 49 – Moonshiners

In episode 49 of CCJam, Yannick brings you the music of Moonshiners, a French rock band from Normandy.

They can be found on Facebook and their album Distillé is available on Jamendo, iTunes, Amazon, and probably a lot of other places!

The tracks included on this episode are:

CCJam 48 – Boogie Belgique

In episode 48 of CCJam, Dave brings you the music of Boogie Belgique, a Belgian band with a sound that can best be described as a fusion of old and new, vintage yet innovative.

You can find the music of Boogie Belgique over at Bandcamp, Google Play, Amazon, and pretty much anywhere else you can buy and download music.

The tracks included on this episode are:

CCJam 47 – Neon Sun

Following an extended holiday, Kevie returns to the show to bring the rocking delights of Lisbon based band Neon Sun to the CCJam listeners. They have a web presence on Jamendo, Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.  Sadly, at this present time, there does not seem to be a way to support them financially, as their downloads on Bandcamp are free and a search on itunes proved fruitless.

Edit: upon further searching their music can be purchased on Amazon.

The tracks included on this show are:

CCJam 46 – Golden Duck Orchestra


Freshly bronzed from the heat of the Scottish summer sunshine, Kevie stops out of the blazing sun to record episode 46 of CCJam.  With the Olympic games in Rio ongoing at the time of recording it is only fitting that the featured artist is Golden Duck Orchestra from Brazil.  The band are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. They have just released their first self titled album which can be purchased from their CDBaby, Soundcloud and Jamendo.

The tracks included on this show are:

The information about the band was sourced from Moshcam.

CCJam 45 – Ty Adelman

cropped-cover2.pngIn episode 45 of CCJam, the first episode released under the Otherside Podcast Network banner, Kevie introduces the listeners to Ty Adelman. He recently released his second EP: Midnight Mind on Jamendo and is active on Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.  The tracks included on this episode are:

CCJam 44 – Quarrel

cover2In episode 44 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Russian rock bad Quarrel. Just new on the scene, they have an album on Jamendo and a Facebook account, but little else.  The tracks included on this episode are:

CCJam 43 – Joe Farren

cover2In episode 43 of CCJam, Yannick introduces the listeners to Americana singer/songwriter Joe Farren. Joe is active on Facebook and Twitter as well as keeping an active presence on YouTube.  You can purchase physical copies of his music via CDbaby and Amazon. Digital tracks can be downloaded via Bandcamp, iTunes, Jamendo and Soundcloud. Tracks included in this episode:

CCJam 42 – Sunflowers

cover2In episode 42 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Sunflowers.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to find any info about them apart from their page on Jamendo (which is rather sparse TBH). The tracks included in this episode are:

CCJam 41 – madelyniris

cover2For episode 41 of CCJam, Dave Lee present to you madelyniris – Maddy Munsell.

“I write imperfect music and hope it lives inside your heart”

Recorded with a broken macbook in the closets of sorority houses and wintered piano rooms at a midwestern university,
this album will warm your heart with its honesty about the adventure of youth and love lost.

If you’ve ever screamed in the car to a mix CD, or secretly hid a tattoo from your parents, you’ll identify with the songs on “adventures.”

Maddy is active on Twitter and Facebook. To listen to more of her music check out her Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube and Jamendo pages. The tracks included in the show have been taken from her EP Adventures: