CCJam 18 – Quietly Concerned

cover2Episode 18 of CCJam, Mikael (AKA inscius) introduces the listeners to Quietly Concerned from South Africa.  They can be found in various places on the web including Jamendo, Soundcloud and Facebook.  The tracks included in this episode are:

CCJam 17 – La Olla Express/Blue Swerver

cover2In the seventeenth episode of CCJAm, Doug Whitfield introduces the listeners to the bands La Olla Express and Blue Swerver, both have a Brazilian World Cup theme flowing through the episode and Doug talks about a crowd funding project which he is currently involved with.  Along with the tracks:

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CCJam 16 – Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra

In the sixteenth episode of CCJam Jon Spriggs (AKA Jon The Nice Guy) introduces the band Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra with the tracks:

CCJam 12 – 4 Past Midnight

In the 12th episode of CCJam Kevie introduces the Glasgow based punk band 4 Past Midnight.  This show was meant to include an interview with lead singer and drummer Peter, however Skype’s recording facility let us down badly and we’ll have to try and arrange an alternative time.  The band have released a new Christmas track with all proceeds going to the children’s charity Childline.  The tracks in this episode include:

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